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Welcome to the Law Office of Sara Staggs.
The Law Office of Sara Staggs represents individuals who have had their civil rights violated by a government official. Certain civil rights are guaranteed to citizens through the Constitution. Sara Staggs is a lawyer who works to assist people in bringing a civil rights claim.  She has an unwavering commitment to justice and equality under the law.  Sara assists her clients at all stages of the proceedings, from advising her clients before a complaint is filed through mediation or trial.

A broad range of issues falls under the umbrella of civil rights claims.  The scope of Sara’s civil rights practice includes:

  • Police misconduct, including cases involving excessive force, illegal searches and seizures, wrongful imprisonment, false testimony, and planting evidence.
  • Inmate mistreatment and abuse, including delay and denial of medical care, excessive force, and sexual abuse.
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Employment discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • First Amendment violations

Sara is based in Portland, Oregon, but represents clients throughout Oregon.  She is available for jail visits in Oregon, and home visits by appointment. If you need a civil rights lawyer in Portland, Oregon and beyond, contact the Law Office of Sara Staggs for an initial consultation.


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